Zulrah Hard Mode: Combat level increased to 906 (previously 725) Hitpoints increased to 625 (previously 500) Immune to bleed damage, recoil damage, and vengeance Attack speed increased to 2 ticks (previously 3) Mechanics: New Zulrah Form: Toxic In this form, Zulrah starts out attacking with range and will switch styles each time after spawning a snakeling. Snakelings spawned by this form are immune to recoil damage and will heal zulrah for the amount of damage they deal to you. Make sure you get rid of them quickly! This form has been inserted two times (one near the start and one right before jad phases) into all four rotations. Players will still be able to recognize which rotation they are on based on patterns from normal mode. Poison clouds deal more damage and will heal zulrah for the same amount of damage dealt to you. They last 12 ticks instead of the normal 18 ticks since Zulrah's attack speed is sped up. Unless killed by recoil or other damage, the Snakelings spawned will last for 60 seconds instead of the normal 40 seconds. Pillars have been removed from the map, there are no longer any safe spots. Rewards: Buffed loot table Increased quantities Removed junk items Added new resources and alchables Improved rates for unique/tertiary items/pet Toxic Dust Use this on your pet snakeling to unlock a new variant to metamorph into.

Doomsayer's Sanctum: A new and terrifying apocalyptic prophecy has become widespread news in the Kingdom of Misthalin! The return of Amascut (the god of destruction) will soon lay waste to the world. Citizens are frantic and are seeking shelter. The doomsayer has the perfect solution for such a sanctuary, but he needs your help! Visit the Doomsayer south of edgeville bank to get started. He will tell you about the prophecy and that he plans to build a sanctum to provide safe harbor to the frightened citizens. You are tasked with providing rare items to be stockpiled for the end of the world and in exchange, the Sanctum will be upgraded and you will receive points to spend on lucrative items the doomsayer has collected over the years. Exchange: Certain rare and unique items can be given to the doomsayer in exchange for sanctum points. Items cannot be retrieved or withdrawn once exchanged. Sanctum points can be spent: At the Doomsayer's reward shop. Cumulative sanctum points go towards the progression of Doomsayer's Sanctum (see below). The maximum sanctum points you can store is 25,000,000 Exchange-list: A full list containing exchange rates for all accepted items Sanctum-progress: The sanctum can be visually upgraded over time by earning cumulative points from the Doomsayer's Exchange. On this interface, you can find each tier and a description of what is upgraded. The amount of points needed to unlock the next tier are shown on the bottom right. Upgrades to the sanctum are based on cumulative points earned over the history of your exchanged items and none of your awarded points are actually spent. Rewards: Doomsayer's axe, pickaxe, and harpoon: Permanent and indestructible variants of infernal tools with increased efficiency. Comparable to crystal tools. Doomsayer's Incantations: Used to upgrade book of the dead, altering its color and allowing infinite spellbook swaps outside the Wilderness. Doomsayer's Heart: Used to upgrade imbued heart, altering its color and granting a permanent magic boost for 5 minutes (similar to divine potion effects) Fairy Mushroom: Allows remote access to fairy rings and spirit trees. Corporeal Basher: A consumable item that reduces all combat stats of Corporeal Beast by 70% Enchanted Sugar: Used at the candy machine to create enchanted sweets (see notes below on the Candy Machine) Extradimensional Bag: Similar to the looting bag, but can be used anywhere in the world. Stores up to 10 items. Only deleted on death if killed by a player. Doominion: A unique pet with 86 rating. Features the following unique perks: Demonic - 10% bonus damage to demons Berserker - Grants +0.20% Damage, +0.20% Accuracy, and -0.50% Defence for every 1 hitpoint missing (in PvM) These are the initial rewards we have came up with. More will be added in future updates. If you would like to suggest new rewards for the sanctum, please head on over to the suggestions section of our forums. A few things we do not want in this reward shop are: Game bonuses, items already in other shops (such as voting or the donator store), food, and potions. Other notable features of the sanctum: Candy Machine - Unlocked at tier 6 of the sanctum inside the kitchen, the candy machine allows players to combine purple sweets with enchanted sugar (sold in the sanctum reward shop) to obtain a random assortment of enchanted sweets that are all a variation of purple sweets with added effects. All enchanted sweets: Delay eating by 2 ticks instead of the normal 3 ticks (similar to karambwuans) Restore 10% run energy (except for yellow sweets which restore more) Heal 1-3 hitpoints (except for red sweets which heal more) Enchanted sweet variants: Red sweets - heal 3-5 hitpoints and do not delay attacks Blue sweets - restore 1-3 special attack energy White sweets - restore 1-3 prayer points Green sweets - Similar to guthix rests, removes 1 damage off poison. If a player has venom active, it will convert it down to poison. Black sweets - Adds +1 to all combat stats. Uses formulas from the following potions to determine the maximum amount these will restore up to: Attack, Strength, Defence - Super combat potions (5 + 15%) Range - Ranging potion (4 + 10%) Magic - Magic potion (+4) Orange sweets - Acts as a ring of recoil for 2 minutes Yellow - Restores 50% of run energy Cook - Shows up at tier 6 of the sanctum inside the kitchen Sells purple sweets at a reduced cost of 10,000 gp each Sells guthix rests (4) at a cost of 20,000 gp each New Player Title "Doomsayer": Unlocked by reaching tier 10 of the sanctum. New master achievement added for reaching tier 10. Minigames: Chambers of Xeric: Shamans are now properly cleared with the use of a room skip scroll Inferno: The golem perk on nib rek now works properly. Theatre of Blood: Fixed an issue causing players to be awarded with participation points even though they have no entered the boss fight. Fixed blood trails dealing too much damage when one or more crabs make it to maiden. Bosses/Monsters: Alchemical Hydra: Fixed an issue with auto-attacks not transitioning properly after 3 consecutive attacks of the same style. Dagannoth Kings: Rings are now scaled with each individual player's drop rate boost however to keep rings relevant and priced correctly, the base drop rates have been nerfed slightly compared to OSRS. You can expect a drop rate of around 1/70-1/85 for each ring compared to the previous 1/128. Bosses, minigames, and raids now have proper support for tertiary loot items. Clue scrolls, boss caskets, and other items intended to be tertiary are now dropped alongside the main loot. Check drop tables for bosses on the OSRS wiki to see other items that are marked as tertiary Since we have added proper support, players can no longer receive multiple unique drops from the main table in one kill/roll unless that boss has multiple loot rolls such as Zulrah, Gauntlet, or Hydra. Fire waves at the judge of yama can no longer be killed with recoils Fixed rock lobsters dropping too many elite clues Skills: Agility: Fixed viewport loading in the hallowed sepulchre. When doing runs on any floor, you should no longer receive 1-2 second pauses where the game loads new map data. Slayer: Added "Task Storage": Can be unlocked for one-time fee of 1,000 slayer points Players can store a task of their choice for 50 slayer points through the "Tasks" section of slayer rewards Once stored, you can unstore this task at any point provided you do not have a current slayer task assignment. You cannot use it to overwrite an existing stored task. Added the giants den cave extension to Kourend Dungeon Items: Added the leaf-bladed battleaxe accuracy and damage buff against turoths and kurasks Added equipment requirements to gilded d'hide pieces (except for chaps) Grubby keys and giant egg sac (full) can now be traded Modified item bonunses for a variety of high-tier weapons, as noted in the OSRS' poll 76 equipment rebalance changes Fixed nests being crushed by using them on each other Fixed issues causing variations of ornamental TOB items being tradeable. Fixed item value from ornamental type items not properly inheriting from the original item (such as painted twisted bows) Other Changes/Fixes: Pets can no longer be alched Entering the tournament lobby will now remove active vengeance spells Fixed the currency display not working properly in the top left hand corner of shop interfaces

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